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Dear Real Estate Agent - 

Mastermind Club™️ is an invite-only, private mastermind group of the most entrepreneurial and humble real estate agents in America.

We have Featured Members, Members, and a Core Founder Group who have come together across all brokerage brands to start the mastermind we always wanted and to run it the way we always wanted- controlled by agents and made for agents. We push each other to grow.

Our Featured Members include:

  • Greg Harrelson - 2,761 Homes Sold / $14.4 Million GCI / $509 Million Volume

  • Chris Watters - 542 Homes Sold / $5.1 Million GCI / $164 Million Volume

  • Adrienne Lally & Attilio Leonardi - 172 Homes Sold / $2.5 Million GCI / $96 Million Volume

  • Spring Bengtzen - 198 Homes Sold / $1.5 Million GCI / $55 Million Volume

  • Kyle Whissel - 305 Homes Sold / $4.3 Million GCI / $172 Million Volume

  • Goran & Lisa Forss - 486 homes sold / $5.0 Million GCI / $203 Million Volume

  • Kristan Cole - 711 homes sold / $5.4 Million GCI / $193 Million Volume 

NOTE: Members share specific profitability numbers - at their option - privately with members who, in return, share theirs. We do not audit member's financial statements. Each member's business makes them happy in different ways (based on personal values). 

Our mission is to help real estate agents share “in-the-trenches” knowledge in a comfortable, confidential, generous, and ego-free environment with continued communication occurring between events to help you sell more homes.

The whole point of Mastermind Club™️ is to help you grow your business with ease and to do that in a way that makes you happy.

We exist to create a comfortable environment of human vulnerability, trust, and long-term business relationships to work on your business.

This "place" is one we can't get at a conference or on a free webinar.

No business person would ever be comfortable sharing what is shared in Mastermind Club™️ in a Facebook group, conference, or online event.

  1. You will hear the stories of our embarrassing failures
  2. You'll hear about our lawsuits, bad hires, bad investments, and even embezzlement
  3. You'll learn what did not work (and why it didn't work)
  4. You'll know about the money we lost doing something stupid
  5. You'll know what marketing strategies to avoid that failed us
  6. We'll delicately share what vendors to cautiously hire (or avoid)
  7. You'll be the first to know about unannounced technologies 
  8. We share what everyone is doing right now in their business
  9. You'll see how our businesses really work financially, and more

Mastermind Club™️ is a place where you can safely be told the truth you need to hear. This is due to the private nature of our club, strict membership standards, restriction of competitors, small peer groups, ongoing proactive facilitation and accountability, and our small (under 25 person) mastermind meetings with the same member's overtime that spark and nurture authentic, meaningful relationships between us all.

We do enforce membership standards. Our club is limited to 150 agents. 

  1. You must be invited by a member (your sponsor)

  2. Your application is posted to our bulletin board for 14 days for private member comments

  3. You and your sponsor are interviewed and reviewed by our Membership Committee

  4. Upon committee recommendation, the entire Core Founder Group must approve you

  5. Upon approval, you'll proceed to New Member Orientation and Mastermind Training so you benefit fully from the experience

The Mastermind of Entrepreneurial Real Estate Agents Who Share Their 7-and-8 Figure Plans and Strategies...So You Too Can Grow Your Business with Ease In a Way That Makes You Happy

A Private Learning Club of North America's Most Successful Real Estate Agent Rainmakers

Frank Klesitz, Co-Founder & Host
Mastermind Club™️ 

"If you're the smartest person in the room, LEAVE THAT ROOM. Bigger thinking takes shape in bigger results… achieve this by surrounding yourself with people smarter and more successful than you. You'll become most like the 5 people you hang out with the most." - Gary Keller

“Sadly and stupidly, most people would rather spend every day of their entire lives chopping wood manually with a dull axe, complaining all the while, than turn off the TV and put in a few extra hours a night for a few months building an axe-sharpening device or, better yet, an electric, power wood-cutting machine.” – Dan Kennedy

Here's EXACTLY How Mastermind Club™️  Will Generate Wealth for You, Make You Money, and Alter the Direction of Your Business

(2) Two-Day Annual Mastermind Meetings

Mastermind Club™️ is The Place Where You'll The Top 1% Real Estate Teams and Rainmakers in America Get the Strategies And Connections That Impact Your Bottom Line

Mastermind Club™️ membership is a $5,000 one-time initiation fee and $13,390 in annual dues. All new members receive flexible payments and have 90 days to request a full and complete refund for any reason.

Our 2-day meetings are $495 per person - priced at break-even - which includes meals, audio/visual and room rental. The annual vacation ticket price is offered to members at break-even, too.

You’re allowed to bring one business partner or key staff member to mastermind meetings (they must purchase a ticket, too). Mastermind Club™️ is for business owners only and their key person who helps implement the vision.

To create a comfortable and safe environment for the exchange of ideas, confidential information, and business challenges we ask every member to agree not to use any marketing materials, content, or intellectual property of another member without permission.

Members are also explicitly restricted from sharing any material provided in the "Box-of-Stuff" with a fine of $10,000 in liquidated damages if in breach of contract. These specific materials are strictly confidential and not to be shared at all.

With regard to real estate team or brokerage expansion, mastermind groups can quickly fall apart if members start expanding or opening offices in one another's markets. For this reason, if you plan to or are expanding you must notify us and the members in the respective markets you're expanding into. 

If, as a member, you become a competitor to a current member, you agree to attend meetings members in conflict do not attend (a new section) or resign from Mastermind Club™️ (membership dues will be refunded pro-rata).

Members also agree, that as a professional courtesy, to clearly disclose if they are being paid, have ownership, interest in, an affiliate of, receiving discounted or free services, or receiving any "thing" of value before making a recommendation.

Mastermind Club™️ is not for everyone. Members must be willing to invest their time and be open and honest. In exchange for your time and participation, you'll receive unbiased, insightful advice from producing agents in similar situations.

Upon acceptance, we’ll interview you more deeply to learn about your strengths and goals, help you complete your Mastermind Club Goal Sheet, and then formally introduce you to our members. 

Your 12-month membership does not automatically renew. Within 60 days of membership expiration, you'll receive a renewal (or non-renewal) letter. Not everyone in our club is invited back. Expectations are clearly set at the start of membership of what is expected from each member in accordance with our core values, mission, vision, and philosophy. 

To learn more please call our Member Concierge Sara Wodrich at 402.281.2924.

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Your Competition Will Not Be In The Room

  • Albany
  • Albuquerque- Santa Fe
  • Albany, GA
  • Amarillo-Topeka
  • Anchorage
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Baton Rouge
  • Bend OR
  • Billings
  • Birmingham
  • Boston
  • Buffalo
  • Burlington-Plattsburgh
  • Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City
  • Champaign & Springfield-Decatur
  • Charleston
  • Charleston, SC
  • Charlotte
  • Chatanooga
  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Colorado Springs-Pueblo
  • Columbus Oh
  • Columbia SC
  • Dallas- Fort Worth
  • Dayton
  • Denver 
  • Des Moines
  • Detroit
  • El Paso (Las Cruces)
  • Fargo
  • Flint 
  • Fort Meyers
  • Fort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers
  • Fresno
  • Gainsville
  • Grand Rapids
  • Green Bay
  • Greensboro
  • Greenville
  • Greenville-New Bern-Washington
  • Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen
  • Harrisburg
  • Hartford & New Haven
  • Honolulu
  • Houston
  • Huntsville
  • Indianapolis
  • Jackson, MS
  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Knoxville
  • Lafayette IN
  • Lafayette, LA
  • Las Vegas
  • Lexington
  • Little Rock- Pine Bluff
  • Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney  
  • Los Angeles

We accept one agent per Designated Media Area (DMA) per section. We are organized into three sections of 50 members.

  • Section A – 50 Members
  • Section B – 50 Members
  • Section C – 50 Members

No competitors are allowed in the same section. We find this section size perfect. You always meet new people at your mastermind meetings while seeing many of the familiar faces you know and trust.

We "tag" each member by their business model. (1) Producer (2) Team or (3) Brokerage. 

Members are welcome to request a new section anytime (only if they don’t compete with a current section member).

We do not organize our members by production level. We believe we can learn something profitable from everyone, and more importantly, we strongly believe (i.e. know) everyone has something very valuable to give.

For example, the niche divorce specialist who is highly profitable can share insight with a mega team running on a large volume model, and vice-versa.

This also makes it more comfortable for everyone. You're partnered with agents at lower and higher production levels than you who share the common value of setting ego aside to help each other reach your goals.

You’ll see our highest earning members help everyone and share everything they know. It’s why we’re here. We can all learn something from everyone – we mean it.

We do, however, enforce a minimum production requirement to be in the mastermind of about $425,000 GCI or 75 home sales (units are given preference). You’ll include your past 12 months' production, printed from the MLS, in your membership application.

We will only offer you membership if we have current members who share your goals with similar business experience and production levels. If this is your case upon joining, you’ll be placed on a “membership hold” - with your market reserved - until we have hand-picked a learning group that's perfect for you.

Candidates for membership are evaluated on 7 specific traits:

  1. Successful business person
  2. Optimism
  3. Confidence balanced with humility
  4. Passion and energy
  5. Loves to learn
  6. A giver/sharer of themselves; and most importantly
  7. Would you want them in your peer learning group?

The exclusive market areas available where 80% of your sales happen include, but are not limited to:

  • Louisville
  • Madison
  • Marquette
  • Memphis
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Mobile- Pensacola
  • Montgomery-Selma  
  • Myrtle Beach-Florence
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • New York
  • Norfolk
  • Oklahoma City
  • Omaha
  • Orlando
  • Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg
  • Palm Springs
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Peoria-Bloomington  
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portland
  • Portland
  • Providence
  • Raleigh
  • Rapid City Iowa
  • Reno
  • Richmond
  • Roanoke
  • Rochester NY
  • Sacramento
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Savannah
  • Seattle
  • Shreveport
  • Sioux City
  • Sioux Falls (Mitchell)  
  • South Bend-Elkhart
  • Spokane
  • Springfield, MO.
  • St. Louis
  • Syracuse
  • Tallahassee-Thomasville  
  • Tampa
  • Toledo
  • Topeka
  • Tri-Cities, TN-VA
  • Tucson
  • Tulsa
  • Waco-Killeen-Bryan
  • Washington
  • West Palm Beach
  • Wichita
  • Wilkes-Barre-Scranton-Hazelton

A Club Unlike Any Other...Success is in the Room With You

Our featured members are your biggest proactive cheerleaders to your success.

We are all real estate teams and rainmakers who have come together across all brokerage brands to create a special place to connect the brightest minds, share advice, nurture partnerships and joint-ventures between us, and most importantly facilitate a proactive communication among the group all year long together.

You can approach us, talk to us, and get to know us. We are here for you; we've checked any ego at the door long ago.

Here are the details and stories of our featured members who you will meet:

Greg Harrelson

2,761 Homes Sold
$14.4 Million GCI
$509 Million Volume
Myrtle Beach, SC

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Chris Watters

542 Homes Sold 
$5.1 Million GCI
$164 Million Volume
Austin, TX

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Adrienne Lally & Attilio Leonardi

172 Units
$96 Million in Volume
$2.5 million GCI

Property Management Pillar

$1.74 Million Revenue
512 Properties

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Kyle Whissel

305 units
#172 Million in Volume
$4.3 Million GCI
San Diego, CA

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Spring Bengtzen

198 Homes Sold
$1.5 Million GCI
$55 Million Volume
Beautiful Utah

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What Members Say...

Amy Kite

"The mastermind is an opportunity to meet with productive real estate professionals who are open to sharing what they have learned, what they are doing that is successful and wanting to learn from what others are doing.  If you desire to learn and grow, I wouldn't miss a mastermind."

"As an independent agent, there was no one place I could go for real insight and find the answers I needed - I had a vision with no roadmap. Frank's passion inspired me to make my vision attainable. In the four years that I have been a member, I learned that it is easier to grow your business when you are working with people willing to share. Teachers teach but being amongst people that have done it gave me the confidence and ability to think big and perform." 

Rob Kittle

"In real estate, there are only so many ways you can reinvent the wheel. This mastermind has immersed me in a culture of giving where top producers are implementing new ideas, sharing the details, and giving you context behind the action. The members have become close friends and with the diversity of markets and minds, it has allowed me to stay 2 years ahead of my competitors. Complement all that insight with Frank and it changes your business." 

Lisa and Goran Forss

Adrienne Lally

As one of Team Lally of Keller Williams Honolulu’s two co-leaders Adrienne Lally has made a career of helping families across the island achieve their real estate goals—and what an incredible career it has been. 

Team Lally has held the honor of being listed among the island’s “Top 100 Realtors” By Hawaii Business Magazine for eight consecutive years. They have also been distinguished as the state’s top Keller Williams team for the past three years. 

With that said, Adrienne’s path to success was not always clear or smooth. She faced, and overcame, many struggles. Thankfully, her passion, energy, and work ethic carried her through.

Adrienne grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she spent much of her childhood training with Olympic athletes. During her adolescence, Adrienne went on to compete on the All-American Gymnastics team all four years of her high school career—even after having sustained a severe back injury.

After high school graduation, Adrienne moved to Florida, where she spent time bartending and working in fitness. Then, tragedy befell the nation in the form of the September 11th terrorist attacks. In the wake of this horrifying event, Adrienne was left with a new perspective on her life’s purpose. She decided to commit herself to a life of service and discipline. This prompted her to join the US Army as an active-duty airborne soldier with a MOS of 98C Early Signals Warning Analyst. Her experience in the military, where she, at one point, had the honor of serving under the commanding officer for 115th MI Battalion LTC Hood as his Admin in Joint Command, made a lifelong mark on Adrienne.

While stationed in Hawaii, Adrienne discovered she was pregnant. She weighed the risks and rewards of her situation and came to the conclusion that it was time for a change of direction. It was at this point, in 2005, that Adrienne decided to leave the Army and get started in real estate—having already received her license to work in the industry one year prior. Even so, her bond with countless other service members and military families would continue to serve a significant role in her career. Her friendship with 115th MI Battalion LTC Hood, for example, has persisted to this day.

Adrienne has been helping buyers, sellers, and investors ever since. As she and her co-leader Attilio say, “This is our way to contribute.” The pair have developed a focus on distressed and short sale properties in order to match pace with the island’s shifting market, and have been incredibly successful in this endeavor. 

Attilio Leonardi

As co-leader of Team Lally,  Realtor Broker Attilio Leonardi employs the same discipline and self-starter attitude that has propelled him to this point in his life and career. 

Having grown up along the north shore of Oahu, Attilio has always had a “fire in his belly” in true Hawaiian fashion. It was clear from a young age that Attilio was a skilled negotiator with a great deal of persistence. 

He filmed a proposition at the age of 19 asking his father and grandfather to invest in his goal of purchasing his first home, which he planned to rent out in order to cover the mortgage. 

Once he won the support of his father and grandfather, Attilio hit the ground running and purchased a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home. 

He proceeded to rent it out, as planned, to as many roommates as he could fit into its 1,300 square-foot floor plan. He even had vending machines installed in the living room to supplement his passive income. 

Later, Attilio applied this same resourcefulness when he entered the real estate as a professional.

He was able to achieve massive savings on assets necessary to enter the business, given that his start in the industry just so happened to coincide with the bankruptcy of a local brokerage, whose signage and equipment he purchased via storage auction. 

Since then, Attilio has maintained his enterprising nature and has used it to propel himself to new heights. 

Team Lally now hosts a real estate talk show, Team Lally Real Estate Radio, that has aired every Saturday at 11 a.m.on KHVH AM830 for four years, and the co-leader of Team Lally, which is now over 25 members and 1,000 clients strong. 

Attilio ttributes his success to the lessons from books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” but mostly cites his family Regina, Attilio, Isabella and Angelo, as the driving force behind his success.  Being in business with his co-leader, Adrienne Lally, has also been a blessing, and he appreciates the opportunity that she has given him to be in business with him for the last 10 years.

Kyle Whissel is a successful Realtor and local industry leader, working currently as the head of of Whissel Realty, which has been San Diego County’s No. 1-ranked real estate team for the past four consecutive years.

Kyle is native to the area, having been born and raised in San Diego. His own father worked in real estate while Kyle was growing up, which, ironically, turned him off from ever wanting to enter the industry. 

He saw first-hand the high level of energy required in a real estate career, and felt resentful at how often his father’s job kept him away from home.

Even so, Kyle has always had a mind for business. As a child, he would purchase candy being sold three for $1, then sell that same candy to his peers, charging $1 for two pieces. 

He was always on the lookout for opportunity. Years later, Kyle had moved on from selling candy and took to installing stereos instead. 

Then, by the age of 19, his father convinced him to purchase his first property while he was attending SDSU in order to build up his credit score.

Kyle agreed, but sold the property just three days after purchasing it for a $17,000 profit. 

It was clear at this point that he had come a long way from resenting his father’s career path, and ultimately decided to join him. He began prospecting for his father’s business shortly after. 

Now that Kyle has branched off and is working on his own, he’s become his area’s No. 1 local celebrity, and has been named the No. 1 video influencer in North America.

Beyond that, his brokerage, which is powered by eXp, did 374 transactions and made $205 million in sales volume in 2017. 

Kyle has enjoyed personal successes, as well. He’s now a husband and father, and, in 2014, founded a non-profit pot-bellied pig rescue called Penelope’s Purpose. 

His real estate career has proven busy, but has certainly not left him incapable of maintaining a personal life as he had feared in his youth.

Spring Bengtzen is an award-winning Realtor, a driven team leader, and a passionate personal development coach. 

Her personal and professional background have played a major role in bringing her to the point she’s reached today, but a larger component to her success is the fact that she chose to make it happen.

A Utah native, Spring got an early start on a life path she could never have imagined would change the way it did. 

She married young, worked as a hairdresser, becoming quite well known for it in her area, and was generally happy with the direction she had taken. 

At 20, her world was turned upside down when a boating accident burned over 85% of her body. 

This near-fatal accident may have left someone less determined than Spring down and out for the rest of their life, but she stayed strong. 

She asked the doctor if she was dying, and he told her “It’s your choice.” So she chose life—and what a life it would turn out to be.

Spring left her former career as a hairdresser behind and started working in real estate part-time as a prospector. 

She climbed the industry ladder quickly, though. It wasn’t long after her first sale that she made partner, and within just one year she had sold 160 homes.

In 2012, Spring took everything she’d learned until this point and founded the Utah Life Real Estate Group.

Under her direction and guidance, her team has done over $800 million in sales volume and has been a top-producing Keller Williams team every year since its founding. 

Spring has also received one of Keller Williams’ highest personal honors, having been named a “Cultural Icon” by the company. 

In addition to this, Spring has been awarded a place on Realtor Magazine's National "30 Under 30” list. 

These, and all of Spring’s achievements, are a direct reflection of the choice she made years ago: the choice to not only live, but to thrive. 

She leverages her personal and professional experiences every day in order to guide others to their own success stories.

Chris Watters is best known for building an independent brokerage utilizing the team-centric model in Austin, Texas. Watters built his business in the middle of the recession and in a highly competitive market. 

Austin Texas is home to some of the largest national real estate chains but Chris’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit led him from sleeping on his girlfriend's couch in 2010 to becoming the first team owner to EARN $1M in net income (after expenses) in three short years. 

Fueled by a desire to improve the success rate of real estate agents through proven training and innovative consumer-facing programs, Watters has built his business on helping others push past their self-imposed limitations and adding massive value to the consumer experience.

 As of 2017, Watters International Realty is now a national franchise system that has developed a proven and repeatable model to help expansion partners grow their brokerages using the team model. 

Watters International Realty in Austin is the recipient of the #1 Real Estate Team by the Austin Business Journal, Inc 5000 Recipient for Fastest Growing Privately Held Company and the recipient as one of the top real estate teams reported by Real Trends in the Wall Street Journal. 

Watters is a graduate of Texas State University and an avid reader. He resides in his hometown of Austin, with his beautiful wife and best friend Amanda, along with their daughter Eva and one rambunctious dog, Ollie.

"It's time for more connecting and less contacting. Mastermind Club™️  is my vehicle to build meaningful agent relationships."

Greg Harrelson is a top real estate coach in the Myrtle Beach market, working with five of the area’s 10 top-producing agents, including former Keller Williams CEO and current mello Home CEO Chris Heller. 

Before achieving any of this, though, Greg spent a lot of time trying to find the right direction to set his life in.

It was only after spending five years spent at five different colleges that he ultimately encountered the catalyst to his calling. 

He was hired by his father as a part-time prospector, and it was through this role that Greg discovered his talent. 

He found that he had a natural aptitude for prospecting. 

So, after a year in this position, he got his real estate license. Now a powerful prospector and a keen listing agent, Greg made the move to purchase his first brokerage: a Century 21 franchise. 

He built his personal production to over 200 transactions, and then built a team that sold over 400 properties in just one year. 

Always in pursuit of greater things, Greg has since shifted his focus onto developing talent within his organization by leveraging his own techniques, as well as those he has learned through the Mike Ferry Coaching Program, Tony Robbins, podcasts like “How I Made This,” and other educational resources. 

He believes strongly in the power of cross pollination: taking information from various real estate events regardless of the brokerage.   In short, Greg builds people. It is common for agents starting with him to do up to 40 transactions a year. 

And a number of the more experienced agents in his office do more than 100. To top it off, Greg is also a husband and father of four. Greg’s story speaks for itself. 

He has followed each of the methods outlined in his business model, and has seen first-hand that they work.

Members are invited to (2) two-day mastermind meetings a year. You can choose the dates that work best for you. You'll also know what events members have committed to attend so you can be in the room with the people you want.

The 2019-2020 Mastermind Club™️  Dates for Section A are:

Sept 26-27 - San Diego - University Club Atop Symphony Towers

You’ll spend 2 days with absolutely no more than 25 like-minded peers in your section who will reveal everything that’s working for them. That's five tables with five members plus any guests. We are an open, humble, helping, and sharing group who gives more than they take.

Our mastermind meetings are facilitated by Frank Klesitz, the Featured Members, and our Core Founder Group. Our goal is a member to featured member/founder ratio of 12:1 so you have plenty of time to talk to us. Not all featured members/founders will be at every meeting.

Before the meeting, we'll email you recorded phone interviews with each attendee so you'll arrive knowing who everyone is in the room already. This makes starting conversations for all members easier. You're also asked to submit a review of your action items from the previous meeting, your "share" that's working for you so others can implement, and your biggest challenge you need help with right now. We'll prepare a presentation slide for you to share at the meeting.

Your "Box-of-Stuff" Is Packed With Featured Member's Proprietary Intellectual Property So You Save Time and Expensive Trial & Error

Members also attend a monthly, private members-only webinar where a member will explain one of their business systems in-depth, with examples and exhibits for you to download and use afterward.

You'll also get a personal tour of their office. We ship our host the latest iPhone, with a wide-angle lens and handheld stabilizer, so we'll all see how their operation works in smooth HD streaming video. We hold the webinars during the work day in the host's time zone so they can interview their staff and see people work.

Member webinar and office tour dates are:

  • October 8th, 2019 - Behind the Scenes of Kyle's Video Studio & Office Tour w/ Kyle Whissel
  • November 12, 2019 - Overcome Common Objection and Role Play & Office Tour w/ Greg Harrelson
  • December 10, 2019 - Introducing ISA's Into Your Existing Team & Office Your w/ Adrienne & Attilio
  • January 14, 2020 - Increasing Your Buyer Lead Conversion w/ Greg Harrelson
  • February 11, 2020 - How to Get 150 People To Your Events in 2 Days w/ Spring Bengtzen
  • March 10, 2020 - How Chris Raised $50,000 a Month in Vendor Money w/ Chris Watters
  • TBD, 2020 - Creating an Investment / Fix-and-Flip Income Pillar w/ Jeff Cohn
  • TBD, 2020 - How to Hire & Train 10-12 Agents a Month & Office Tour w/ Chris Watters

We invite everyone in Mastermind Club™️ , across all sections, to gather once a year for a 2-3 day vacation. 

Our next vacation is scheduled for January 2020. It's either in a ski lodge or a tropical setting. Locations include Cancun, Napa, Bahamas, Park City, Coeur d'Alene, Key West, Whistler, and even Peru.

We have fun all day with a planned excursion. Then, we retreat to the hotel for a catered dinner together that evening. We like to bring in a guest speaker, too, who presents after we eat. We mastermind late into the night. 

The goal is to have fun. It's an excuse to take a business trip that's also a vacation, too. You'll hang out at length with members across all tiers to strengthen relationships beyond our time at the two-day meetings.

Tickets are offered to members at break-even to pay for our hotel meeting room, catered food, and planned excursion activities. We also let non-members attend at this time for a $2,500 fee with a member invitation.

"We're an independent brokerage. I stay plugged in this way and tap a mastermind of insight before I make a decision."

"This is our way to contribute. We wanted a comfortable way to share our deepest struggles and failures with people we trust."

"Mastermind Club™️  is my preferred way to connect face-to-face with agents beyond video, speaking, or at conferences."

"I just re-engineered my career as a leader and coach beyond an agent who sells homes. I want to help others do the same."

"The connections and insights in this mastermind have helped us figure out how to sell the most homes in Southern California."

Even before getting his start in real estate, Goran Forss was a successful businessperson with a go-getter attitude—something that continues to serve him today. Goran was born and raised in Sweden, where he went to school for his M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His education, love of technology, and propensity for solving complex problems propelled him to an exclusive position at Ericsson as part of a two-year executive trainee program. Given that Ericsson was then the country’s largest telecommunications company, and that only eight seats were available within the executive trainee program, this was an incredible achievement. Goran’s involvement with this program would also be the catalyst for his move to the United States. 

Given that six months of the two-year program were to be spent overseas in one of the 112 countries Ericsson operated in, Goran was faced with a decision. As it would happen, the popular television show DALLAS was on air at the time. Goran was a fan of the show itself, but also of the nice cars, sunny weather, and business-centric atmosphere that Dallas appeared to promise. And when Goran decided to take the plunge and move to Texas, himself, he was not disappointed. Also, despite having received his degree in engineering, Goran was eager to try his hand at marketing. So he did. He began in a support role under a team of salespeople, and was quickly given a series of promotions that eventually led him to become Vice President. At this same time, Goran’s personal life was flourishing, too. While in Dallas, he met his future wife, Lisa. 

The pair got married in 1990, moved to California in 2001, and now have two children together. However, as a result of his success, Goran found he was left with very little time to spend with his family. So when Ericsson decided to shut down operation in California in 2005, Goran saw the opportunity to leave the rat race and retire. 

He began running marathons around the world and started traveling with his son (an aspiring golfer), but, after a year, became restless. This is when his journey in real estate began.

He joined his wife in her business as an agent with Coldwell Banker. Despite initially being taken aback by the number of inexperienced professionals he was working alongside at the time, Goran was determined to set himself apart. He decided then and there that he would become the No. 1 agent in the office. 

When his supervisor informed him that this was an unrealistic goal, saying that he would need to sell 89 homes in one year to achieve it, Goran and Lisa combined forces and sold 91. 

One year since joining, the same trainer who had mocked him for not falling in line with the other “newbie” agents was shocked. Goran and Lisa began building their team and have grown every year since. In fact, their team has grown so much that neither of them have to do any hands-on work as agents anymore. They’re now able to simply focus on helping their team members build wealth.  

Goran’s life and career have had their share of setbacks, including the injury he sustained after a 700 lb sign fell on him (preventing him from participating in any future marathons), but he has always remained tenacious. 

He and his wife enjoy traveling, spending time with their team and their children, going to wineries, and hanging out with their 8-lb Yorkie, Ms. Ellie, who follows Goran everywhere.

Today, Team Forss is the No. 1 Agency in SoCal according to the Wall Street Journal and is listed among the Top 75 Teams Nationwide. Goran and Lisa continue to grow their success every day. 

Oh yes, let's not forget...

Your membership would not be complete without a jacket. It's fun. We're a private club. When you own one, you're an official member of Mastermind Club™️ it not only symbolizes your accomplishment and acceptance by our members but also your contribution and belonging to a friendship of people who help each other out. Your jacket is custom tailored to your measurements. You can wear it on top of anything, including shorts and flip-flops. We encourage you to wear it during our meetings, but it's not required.

We keep our mastermind going all year long with proactive facilitation with an emphasis on learning and accountability.

You'll speak with our facilitator once a month on the phone

Your facilitator is your personal connection to all Mastermind Club™️ members. You’ll first share your successes and challenges on your Mastermind Club™️ Goal Sheet. They will review your updated goals, and then introduce you to any members who may be able to help you.

This will hold you accountable to your goals (and take a proactive approach to get you the help you need in the mastermind). Then, at the end of your call, you’ll give your best tip or insight for the group followed with one question you’d like the group to answer.

This keeps everyone talking between our meetings.

Example questions include:

  • "What's the best Facebook ad producing seller leads now?"
  • "How do I start a property management side of my real estate team?"
  • "Who has ownership in a mortgage or title company they send business to?'
  • "What are the AdWord campaigns that deliver the lowest cost per lead?"
  • "What's the answer to when a homeowner wants to use OfferPad instead of me?"
  • "What are your agent splits that I should model for my team?"
  • "What are your lead conversion numbers for outbound calling to homeowners?"
  • "What's your drip campaign and what are you using to convert internet leads?”

Your facilitator speaks with up to 150 members a month.

All members get an email with every member's latest insights and questions shared with our facilitator that week.You can answer a member’s question directly if you like (their cell phone and email addresses are next to their name in the email).

We also post questions and insights on Workplace.

 The more you help, the more members will open up with their best insights for you. We work behind the scenes to get the answers to your questions, too, since members may be too busy to help you out directly.

We organize Weekly Member Questions and Insight into the following categories:

#accounting - How to get better the money. Discussions include budget models, tax planning, receipt tracking, corporate structure, chart of accounts, banking, hiring a bookkeeper or CPA, and more.

#administrative - How to streamline the listing and transaction process. Discussions include hiring an assistant, HR policies, marketing the home, managing vendors, charging transaction fees, on-boarding new clients, transaction management technology and more.

#ancillary-income - How to earn new money. Discussions include owning a mortgage and title company, 3rd party valuations, RESPA compliance, starting an investment/flipping business, property management pillars, vendor programs, zero-costing marketing, and more.

#lead-conversion - How to convert buyer and seller leads to appointments. Discussions on CRM methodology, hiring and managing sales assistants, email drips, bots, texting, nurture campaigns, scripts, and more.

#lead-generation - How to generate seller and buyer leads. Discussions on expireds, FSBOs, open houses, farming, Zillow, PPC, yard signs, community events, Facebook ads, outbound prospecting, past clients/sphere, and more.

#listing-presentation - How to win every listing presentation. Discussions on pre-appointment strategies, objection handlers, positioning your commission rate, dealing with discounters and disruption, and more.

#recruiting-training - How to recruit and train agents. Discussions include job ads, career nights, agent training newsletters, workshops, commission calculators, value propositions, recruiting presentations, first 100 days, agent training plans, culture and more.

Example Tour of Greg Harrelson's Prospecting Floor

"This is a close-knit group of individuals that are not afraid to share everything in their arsenal because they know that the others have nothing but their best interest in mind. We go to learn and to share so we spend every moment with as many as possible. It's amazing what you will learn while you are sitting there talking about the color of the sky and another topic comes to mind.  Frank is the glue that keeps it sticky enough to be a solid foundation but still keeps it moving it forward and progressing. His brainiac additions are priceless  I have developed some very close friendships and business confidants that we would not have had otherwise. Everyone wants to see each others business rise and are willing to help when needed to make it rise...what more could you ask for?!"

Members are organized into member-led, confidential peer-learning groups of five to eight on Zoom.

We also like to organize you by geographic area so it’s easy to meet your group in-person, too.

The real key to a mastermind is connecting on a small level for implementation toward goals, not just the exchange of knowledge. You also must build the deep peer relationships necessary to learn from each other's experiences in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free environment. This safety is what allows us as humans to connect and go deep.

You'll write down these answers on your Mastermind Club™️ Goal Sheet:

  1. What are your personal values you move toward and away?
  2. What is your big why? What will make you happy?
  3. What does your business look like in 5 years?
  4. What are your top 5 business highlights/highs over the past 12 months?
  5. What were your top 3 business lows over the past 12 months?
  6. What are your top one or two goals for next year?
  7. What do you need help with to make this easy?
  8. What is a business system or skill you're proud of or great at?
  9. What's the #1 thing you want to be held accountable to?

We’ll then organize you into a small group of 5 members with like-minded goals. These are confidential groups and act essentially your own personal board of advisors.

You’ll self-appoint a moderator who will receive Moderator Training by our Peer-Learning Group Chair, and then self-arrange schedules to meet monthly on a video conference. 

The plan is everyone gives each other an update on their current goals, success, and challenges. You then ask the group what you need to be held accountable to reach your next goal.

We role play a peer-learning group meeting at each 2-day mastermind meeting so you can see how they work.

It’s a bit award at first. It is for everybody. That’s normal. Just push through it…

Remember, everyone in Mastermind Club™️ has paid to be in it, has been approved/accepted by our members, and has “spilled their soul” by sharing their private and personal goals that would make anyone feel vulnerable when spoken.

Everyone here is motivated to grow and connect.

We'll ease the pain getting helping you to get to know the people in your learning group. For example, we'll do a great job of introducing you to your learning group. It’s like when you go to a social event and you attend with a friend who introduces you really well. We’ll take care of that for you.

We also encourage, but it's not required, that you and your learning group meet in person a few times a year. It makes all your interactions going forward on a video conference more comfortable.

The friendships you’ll create in your peer learning group will become very deep over time and are used as the springboard for you to meet more members in Mastermind Club™️.

We do offer the option to join a peer-learning group of only your gender if more comfortable for you.

You'll also be part of our monthly book club.

Each month, you'll receive a book recommended by a member. These are books that have helped us achieve a personal or professional goal. 

It will come with a personal note about how the book helped one of us. In your peer learning group, you'll talk about what you learned the book, stories that stood out to you, and your tactical plan on implementing what you learned.

We also discuss the most recent book titles at our mastermind meetings.

Collier Swecker

Stay on Track with Your Confidential 5 to 8 Member Peer-Learning Group

You'll Get a New Book to Read Every Month, Too

Take a Vacation Once a Year With Us at a Fun, Exotic Location To Relax & Connect With Everyone in Mastermind Club™️ 

You'll Get Your Very Own Custom-Tailored Jacket To Symbolize You Belong to A Special Tribe of Like-Minded Agents Who Care About Each Other

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"If I could point at the SINGLE most impactful event over the last 10 years (other then my marriage) it would be this mastermind. Not just professionally but also personally. From the meaningful relationships to business ideas- this has been a catalyst in my in my company and allowed me to make friends and connections across the country. This mastermind has introduced me to people who are always growing personally and challenging themselves. By collaborating with these high-level business owners from all different markets it has allowed me to know about new trends, market changes or shifts before they hit my area and consistently keeps me ahead of my competitors."    

Paul Campbell

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New members are shipped a “Box-of-Stuff” full of the latest proprietary intellectual property directly from the operations manuals our Featured Members. These are their very ads, letters, checklists, scripts and more working now to sell collectively thousands of homes. You'll receive an encrypted, password protected USB stick inside. 

Your box includes a video from each member explaining their documents with instructions on how to use them.

The systems you'll receive are below:

Video Production Playbook

Kyle has made a training video course on how to set up your own video studio professionally, and even if you want a simple one with your iPhone. You'll learn what camera, lenses, audio, lighting, and other materials he uses to get the look and feel of his East County Eats videos popular on Facebook. He will also share his strategies on the most efficient way without spending too much money to become the unofficial "mayor" of your town.

Kyle's Open House System 

Kyle drives thousands of people to his open houses around San Diego all year long. You'll learn exactly what he does with a detailed checklist before, during, and after an open house to get the most foot traffic. It's also not about finding buyers, but rather marketing yourself to all the homeowners in the neighborhood of your listing, as well as getting them to call you if they want their home sold, too. Includes examples, recommended vendors, and a step-by-step checklist.

Kyle Whissel included...

Chris Watters included...

The Million Dollar Real Estate Team Book

Chris grew his real estate business from zero to over $1 million dollars in net profit in 3 years and wrote a book on how he did it. You'll get a copy.

The Perfect Real Estate Team Tech Stack

Chris put together a diagram of all the technology vendors he uses and how they are all ordered and talk to each other for optimal streamlining. You'll see all his lead sources, the fee to his CRM, and then to all the nice real estate CRMs, which then proceed to transaction management and accounting software. Chris has figured out how to get all the technology to talk to each other - you'll see exactly how he has it all set up. It includes an interview with Chris on each pillar of his business and what people should look for when setting up their technology.

Personal "Tech-Stack" Guidance Call

Chris will speak with you on the phone and tell you what technology you need for your business stage, and where you are headed. He is an expert at all the options in the real estate space, with the pros and cons of each so you can make the right purchases to build your perfect "tech stack" that talks to each other in the right order. The USB drive will include a note with Chris's personal cell phone.

Adrienne & Attilio included...

16 Step Hiring Process / First 100 Days

Adrienne and Attilio have shared their entire hiring process with us. These are the 16 steps they take to hire anyone on their team. It's a PowerPoint that goes through how to prevent making a bad hire. You'll also see the checklist, day by day, of what each new hire does on their team to get up to speed in the first 100 days. You'll see their job ads, too. Includes position agreements for an Inbound Sales Assistant, Listing Agent, Virtual Assistant, and Outbound Prospecting Assistant. They have also included their Mentor hip Program which they offer to new agents to get them up to speed.

Seller Prospecting Scripts

These are the scripts their agents use on the phone to win listing appointments. The scripts also includes how to talk to a seller about reducing their price. Includes objection handlers, FSBO objections, pre-qualifying, and expired listings scripts to secure an appointment. There is also a "We Buy Homes" script.

Team Lally Marketing Materials

They have shared with us their radio ad they run to generate seller leads, the letter they send to homeowners behind on their mortgage to 'stop foreclosure', and for their vendor from their compensation agreement to help you zero-cost your marketing expenses by raising money from local business to participate in your advertising with you.

Spring Bengtzen included...

Spring's Marketing Materials

Spring gets a lot of business from builders and she has shared her method of securing and maintaining her relationships with builders so they’ll send her business. You'll also see what her VA's do to assist her in this (documents included). Spring has also launched a personal development side of her business. which helps her recruit real estate agents to her team. She is sharing all her personal tools and workbooks she gives to her coaching clients.

VA Transaction Management System

Includes the texts, scripts, and Spring's videos for them to communicate with sellers about their listing. You'll see all the training videos Spring gives her VA's to handle the entire administrative side of the business, including the emails that are sent out to update sellers on each stage of the transaction they are in (and what they need to do). You'll learn how Spring has automated and outsourced this side of her business to keep her costs low. Includes checklists for her VA's.

Community Event Marketing System

 Spring brings her team and her database together for events. She needed ways to "get butts in seats," and you'll see her documents and processes she implements to do this. Her virtual assistants take care of all this work. It includes her community event ideas, marketing materials, advertisements, checklists and more.

Greg Harrelson included...

One Day In-Person Tour of Greg's Myrtle Beach Office

Greg charges $10,000 for a tour of his Myrtle Beach real estate operation. He has opened up specific dates where he will show in person how his entire office works, and he will also get dinner with you. You will be able to arrange your office tour date with Greg with the directions you'll receive in your Box-of-Stuff.

 Direct Access to Greg on His Mobile Phone Personally

Greg is without question our member who does the most business. He's really into our mastermind club and will personally speak with you on the phone to answer any questions you have. Inside the Box-of-Stuff you'll get his direct phone number and email address to communicate with him.

11 New Agent On-Boarding Training Recordings

Greg does live training every Tuesday only for the agents in his company. He has never offered this up for free outside of being an agent with him, but for our members only he is going to give you access to 1 of his recorded trainings so you can model his approach on how he coaches his agents. Each training is about 90 mins and goes in-depth on one specific topic.

You'll See Exactly How Our Member's Systems Work in Precision Detail with "Behind-The-Scenes" LIVE Monthly Office Tour Webinars

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TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, please be aware of the following. The testimonials reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who used our service or attended an event. All product reviews and testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers and not those of Mastermind Club™️  or its staff. Mastermind Club™️  does not compensate in any way for testimonials or reviews. The testimonials displayed are given verbatim except for grammatical or typing error corrections. Some testimonials may have been edited for clarity or shortened in cases where the original testimonial included additional information of no relevance to the general public. YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. 

Our Story

Top Agents Who Have Participated in Mastermind Club™️  Meetings

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Core Values

There are 8 core values that being us together us as a real club of like-minded people.

We open each meeting with a statement of our mission, vision, philosophy and core values. We invite members to tell stories about how core values show up in their mastermind experience.

Mission: Help you grow your business with ease in a way that makes you happy.
Vision: Be the most helpful mastermind in our industry.
Philosophy: Grow the person, grow the business.

Our Core Values are:

  • Humble. There is no political rank. You will be excellent at certain parts of your business and not great at others. There will be agents in the room producing more, and less, than you. You’ll be called out on your mistakes – even what you think is right. While difficult, we all set our ego aside and ask ourselves ‘How can I seek to understand before being understood?” Our lower producers help our higher ones, and vice-versa. We are a flat and equal membership.

  • Helpful. We help members the way we want to be helped. We listen to the needs, background, challenges, and context of others before making recommendations. We ask questions to understand the problem before giving solutions. Our answers to other members are complete with supporting documents, examples, videos, pictures, and more so members get the full answer to a business problem. We ask "How can we make this easier?"

  • Ethical. We do the right thing. Before a decision we ask, “Would I be okay if my contemplated act appeared the next day on the front page of the local paper—to be read by my spouses, children and friends—with the reporting done by an informed and critical reporter?” We protect each other from unnecessary legal, reputation or financial risk.

  • Skills. We deliberately practice. Everyone here has a skill. It may be running a meeting, making a call, recruiting an agent, or anything that consistently produces a result. We appreciate each other for our skills. We share what we are good at. We work to get better with intense focus. It’s important to tell others what you’re the best at. We also all share the context of how we got so good at it. We know everyone has something to share.

  • Ambition. We stay uncomfortable. We are all driven to grow and expand our skills, accomplishments, minds, and ultimately happiness. We all understand true, lasting happiness is found with an enjoyment of the process, not the result. You will hear big goals, dreams, and plans in our mastermind. This is a safe place to share them with encouragement. Ambition is what makes us feel alive. There’s no need to apologize for your vision. We detest complacency.

  • Planning. We slow down and think. We are a self-aware group. We think very clearly about what will ultimately make us happy. This way we use the knowledge gained to grow our business with ease in a way that makes us happy. Too many people build a house they do not like. We talk time to slow down, write out our plans (work on our business), and act with intention in the pursuit of happiness.

  • Accountability. We meet frequently. We’re human beings and we all have issues. Fear, uncertainty, doubt, lack of control, depression, anxiety – the list goes on. We understand we are all tragically flawed. That’s okay. In order to reach our goals, we respect the human need to belong to a support group to help us maintain focus and consistency. No one is an island. We hold each other accountable in an understanding and compassionate way knowing that everyone is dealing with their own demons and personal problems. We learn from each other in small groups.

  • Fun. Life is short. It’s okay to enjoy what you do for a living. We love what we do for a living. We relax, connect, unwind, and do things people think are stupid. We find time for music, comedy, vacations, and anything else that makes business enjoyable. We set aside the daily grind, lose ourselves in the moment, and connect with other people who mean a lot to us.

It was a partnership made by intervention.

Our mastermind started small with dinners, small workshops, and informal meetings at real estate conferences and events all over the country from 2010-2014.

It wasn’t until a chance encounter at a real estate software event in Charleston a partnership was born that turned into our mastermind that you see today.

Our first mastermind event was in Napa, CA in early 2015.

Since then we’ve hosted informal meetings around the country - and now the world with vacation trips to Bahamas, Jamaica, and Mexico - to bring like-minded agents together to share what works across all brokerage brands and production levels.

The whole purpose is to have fun, travel together to a unique place, and connect on a deeper level than what we could get at a conference or large event.

What makes our mastermind unique are the humble people in the room. It’s our #1 core value. We see each other consistently on a regular basis that keeps the foundation for a meaningful connection.

It worked well. We signed a contract committing to a location and worked our network to invite humble and helpful people. We charge break-event prices to create a fun and helpful experience we couldn’t get anywhere else.

Mastermind Club™️  was created to take our vision further – to create the most helpful mastermind in the industry.

Our mission is to help you grow your business with ease in a way that makes you happy.

We do that by growing the person, then the person grows the business.

We listened to what makes a great mastermind club™️. It’s first a foremost it’s the people who are in it. That’s why we’re invitation only with a strict application process.

We also needed a way to stay connected between our 2-3 events a year. We implemented learning groups, a book club, monthly faciliatory calls, a weekly member newsletter, and monthly office tours.

We’re limited to 150 members. We want less than 25 people at a meeting to keep them small, and if members choose two meetings a year to attend (one a month), that puts our limit at 150 members.

That’s plenty.

Interested in learning more? We recommend you talk to a member who will tell you what Mastermind Club™️ means to them. They will provide you with an application if you’d like to apply.

"Since the beginning I’ve been involved in this mastermind and several others over the years. The thing I like the most about this group is the diversity of the members with regard to production and makeup of the teams However, the commonality is the quest for knowledge and growth, both personally and professionally. This group of similar minded individuals, gives unconditionally and is willing to share time, talent, and resources with one another to make us all better. Frank and his team are giving and genius and I’m honored to be an initial member and ongoing for many years to come."

Denise Swick

(Our Member Concierge Sara Wodrich)

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Example Weekly Member Newsletter

Official Mastermind Club™️ Goal Sheet

"We must all wage an intense, lifelong battle against the constant downward pull. If we relax, the bugs and weeds of negativity will move into the garden and take away everything of value." -- Jim Rohn

We are all very different – yet as members, the same in our purpose.

  • We come from all different backgrounds
  • We all value different things
  • We value them in a different order
  • We all meet our needs differently
  • We are all in different life stages
  • We are all in different business stages
  • We all have our strengths
  • We all have our ways to self-destruct
  • We all have unequal capital access (money, time, focus, emotion)
  • We all have different life obligations
  • We all enjoy different things
  • We all behave differently

What brings us together is the common and shared purpose, vision, mission, philosophy, and values of our tribe. Within us, you will hear many different and competing ideas in Mastermind Club™️…from all types of people.

To make sense of it all, you must pick the ideas most valuable to you. In other words, which ideas - if implemented - will help you grow your business with ease in a way that makes you happy?

Do you want to be the #1 agent in your market? In the nation? World?
Are you happy earning less, but also working less, generating your income passively?
Do you love the thrill of the deal with no plans to exit production?
Do you disdain the emotions of the home sale and prefer training agents instead?
Do you want to save as much as possible for another business investment?
Do you just want a steady income you can rely on to pay the bills?
Do you want to grow as a person and you're just ready for the challenge?

These are all goals that manifest themselves from your values and are driven by a clearly-defined “Big Why” and “5-Year Vision”.

You’ll suffer from commission confusion, unhappiness, and a business on life-support if you’re picking shiny-object strategies and unfulfilling goals that do not align with you, your strengths, and what you really want.

Very few people have defined their goals and what makes them happy. Let's change that.

We do a personalized goal setting call with all new members. 

We’ll lead you through a process to help you discover your values, identify your “Big Why”, your five-year vision and more. This call is private, confidential and personalized entirely for you. 

Member Goal Setting Calls

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"Why don't we reach into the future? We're trapped by the regret of past, or routine of the present, so we don't give much thought to change our future." - Jim Rohn

Peer-Learning Group Chair & Peter McDonald

Mastermind Club™️ Goal Sheet (Front)

Lisa and Goran Forss

468 Homes Sold
$5.0 Million GCI
$203 Million Volume
Temecula, CA

We include your spouse and family, too.

We know with absolute certainty you must be backed by a supportive environment to grow your real estate business with ease in a way that makes you happy. We want to do something special for the spouses and children who support our members.

We encourage you to bring your spouse and/or children to every mastermind meeting.

Katy Klesitz is our Family Chair. She will coordinate a “spouse and/or children only” dinner at Dave and Busters from 5-8pm on Thursday night during our mastermind dinner.

On Friday evening, after our official business concludes at 6:00 pm PST, Katy will host an informal dinner option to get all members, spouses, and children together. We also rent a hotel suite, staffed with two vetted babysitters and a nanny-cam, so all of us adults can go out that night.

We encourage the bigger kids to help watch the little ones, too.

On Saturday morning, at your option again, we get the families together with a planned activity to teach our kids about money management, personal development, entrepreneurship, or business. We invite a guest speaker from 9-12pm with a catered kid-friendly meal. We partner with organizations like Junior Achievement, Scouts BSA, Whatever it Takes, Lemonade Day, INCubatoredu,  VentureLab and more.

We also run a Family Book Club specific to the needs of the spouses and children of entrepreneurs who are our Mastermind Club™ members.

Your spouse will receive a book each month, recommended recently by the spouse of a member, about raising kids who are aware and smart about business, money or entrepreneurship. We also send books on how to talk about money with your spouse. 

Spouses are included on special message group to discuss the monthly reading.

This is complimentary for all members. We do charge a break-even fee at our meetings to cover the additional expense for the two family/spouse dinners and our Friday Night Out.

(Our Family Chair Katy Klesitz)

Latest News 

Our upcoming meeting is March 26-27th in San Diego, CA.

The following meetings this year are scheduled for May 14-15, September 24-25 and October 22-23, 2020. They are all in San Diego, CA.

"I never stop studying, stop learning, or stop growing. You never ease the gas thinking 'you've heard it all' - that's fatal. This is why I'm here."

The best word to describe Kristan Cole’s career is growth. Growth has been the key to her thirty three plus years of real estate success, a track record of achievement that culminated in Kristan now running one of the largest expansion real estate businesses within Keller Williams and the US. Gary Keller recently said this, “Kristan is one of the most qualified individuals in our entire industry to teach agent expansion.” This year, for example, business is on track to close more than $300 million in volume with almost 1000 transactions. Kristan practices what she preaches when it comes to expansion, her hub team in Wasilla, Alaska has expanded additional sites in more than 30 different locations in the US with a goal to be in 100 locations within 4 years.

In 2013 Kristan was selected as the Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion for Keller Williams Realty.  Kristan launched this new initiative in 2014 which allowed Kristan to share her proven growth strategies with the elite of the elite among Keller Williams agent teams, providing everything from the initiative’s overall vision to the strategies and tactics agents will use to grow. While some real estate companies struggle to integrate teams into their model, Kristan has taken it to the next level and is teaching agents how to replicate their success in multiple markets. Many industry experts view the success of Keller Williams’s teams as being a major disruption to traditional real estate, and Kristan led that disruptive force for 4 years.

Kristan earned the right to lead this disruption through tremendous personal success in the real estate industry. In 2018 Inman News named Kristan as a finalist for Innovator of the Year, and in 2015, one of the Top 101 real estate "doers" who are driving change in the real estate industry.  While with RE/MAX, she consistently ranked among the Top 100 agents globally, including a Top 5 ranking in the commercial division. This success only increased once she moved to Keller Williams Realty, where her team consistently ranked in the Top 10 of all KW Expansion Teams, Top 250 among all teams, as ranked by The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends.

Along with this growth, Kristan has demonstrated a high level of leadership. From 2011 until taking her role as V.P. of Mega Agent Expansion, Kristan served as the Regional Director for Keller Williams Realty’s Southwest Region, a segment of the company representing more than twenty-five offices and thousands of agents. She also owns two of these offices, which has more than 500 agents and four satellite locations. Her other leadership opportunities have included serving as President of Alaska’s branch of the Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network, Director of Keller Williams Realty’s Commercial Leadership Council, and Talent Search Director for Keller Williams Realty’s corporate headquarters, and President of her local hospital board in Alaska.

In order to ensure that every transaction that her team does benefits others, she donates a portion of each commission to her charity, Kristan’s Home of Hope, which supports safe housing for at risk youth. 

Kristan is married to Denny Grimes and they have 8 children and 5 grandchildren.

"From the time I was born, my father instilled me with an unmatched dedication to work. After losing both my father and my wife Norine, I realized that all the time and energy I had invested into my work had not (and could not) replace the things I had missed out on as a result. I knew I needed to take more time to simply enjoy life.  On January 1st, 2017 I got remarried. I made a promise to, myself and Sandie, I would never become overworked again. 5 days after this promise I underwent a quadruple bypass. All in all, I’ve learned that you never know what life will bring you. Through this mastermind, I’ve had the opportunity to not only expand my business and learn from the best. As long as there are events to attend, I will be there. This mastermind gives agents and team leaders the ability to get out of their comfort zone and into the mindset of making time for your business while still living life to the fullest"

Bob Sokoler

"My role is to lead the group and draw the best out of everyone involved."

Kristan Cole

711 Units
$5.4 Million GCI
$193 Million Volume 

35 Expansion Teams

Quick Overview: We at Mastermind Club™️ are on a mission to help each other grow our real estate businesses with ease in a way that makes us happy. Our vision is to be the most helpful mastermind in our industry. Our members are the highest producing real estate rainmakers in North America. We enforce structure on each other to learn. We fill out personal goal sheets to hold each other accountable in monthly small groups and to filter all ideas presented at meetings into actionable steps to reach our respective goals. We include our family in the process, too.  We deliberately create an environment that builds trust among us over time so we can comfortably share our failures. We're different because we are humble and vulnerable. We keep everything confidential. We also keep our competitors out. Candidates can not apply, you must be invited. We all have a say in accepting new members. We invite you to take the first step and submit your interest if you'd like to learn more about us.

While not required, we also recommend you get your financial chart of accounts standardized so you can compare apples-to-apples with other mastermind members before our meeting. This is optional.

You'll also, upon request, get a pass to Fit Athletic in downtown San Diego so you can workout before our meetings.

We hold our meetings on a Thursday/Friday so you can enjoy the weekend if you like in San Diego. Our meetings start at 1:00 pm PST on Thursday (you can fly in that morning) and continue well into the evening with an extended dinner. We then meet again at 8:00 am PST the next day for breakfast and conclude at 6:00 pm PST on Friday with an informal and optional dinner that evening at a local restaurant

We start every meeting with a confidentiality reminder and a statement of our purpose, mission, vision, philosophy, and core values followed by member stories of these values showing up in their Mastermind Club™️ experience.

We will also ask who you want to sit with beforehand and accommodate you accordingly. We switch up assigned seating, however, two or three times over the entire 2-day meeting so you're guaranteed to sit with someone new.

There are presentations, experience sharing, hot seats, a mock peer-learning group meeting, goal setting, rapid-fire sessions, and topic tables by production in small groups so everyone has the opportunity to share what they know with the room. 

The second day is the most powerful since everyone has now warmed up to each other. We organize the room into smaller groups of 5-6 agents by topic, production level, experience, and more. The perfect production blend is a few agents 25% below your production level and a few 25% above it for your perfect small group mastermind.

We have a note taker in the room typing notes for you in a Google Document, too; everyone in the meeting gets real-time access. Members are reminded to speak from experience, not to give advice or opinions. This way you can draw your own conclusions on how to best proceed.

We let everyone pass notes to each other all day long so you can let other members know in real time you want to talk to them further about what they shared at a break. 

We also ask a handful of members to share one thing that earned them $100,000 or more in a short talk no longer than 10 minutes. These are recorded shared with all members on Slack. You get access to all the recordings when you join.

Members will schedule a phone call with the facilitator a few days after the meeting to plan their action items (See Page 8). This way you have all weekend to organize the ideas presented and pick what's for right you. We eat together the entire time, too, so we get to know each other well.

We do allow a one or two very select partners in the room who are the CEOs of leading companies our members recommend. We do not have sponsors. Rather, we ask partners to pick up our drink tab, recommend the best talent in their customer list to Mastermind Club™️, and give everyone at our meeting something of real, exclusive value. We need their insight so we're on top of the latest technology, industry trends, mergers and more that effect us all.

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Get a Premium Notebook For Your Notes & A Leather 3-Ring Folio to Organize Handouts

You'll likely receive handouts from the members. Just three hold punch them and put them in your notebook so they are all in one place. You'll also get a nice notebook for all your Mastermind Club™️ specific notes so everything stays in one place.

Q: Why 'Submit Interest" when we're invite-only? A: You receive an application only from a member. Members review those who "Submit Interest" once a month and may sponsor you.